My creative side kicks in just before I fall asleep. Late nights & hardcore laptop time leads to sleepy mornings. To start the day I decided to publish this look. Its black & floral just like my mood at the moment. You will never find me wearing pink florals as black is my happy colour. If it were in my hands, I would have declared the KIMONO as the ultimate cover up! All thanks to the Japanese for this gorgeous cape. I am a big fan of loose fitting & over sized tops. The kimono is so easy to style it can be paired up with almost anything. I am a little late on this summer trend but I do not regret as its perfect for a cold weather too. As for that extra bohemian touch i had to get my round frames out. It instantly adds a playful & laid-back touch.

We are the drifters & the dancers 
Sun worshippers & risk takers 
The dreamers, The lovers 
Believers & Change makers 
Aashna Bhagwani