Hello Beauties!

Sorry for being MIA. But I am back after a week long break & in an another country! HONG-KONG! 
I am here to celebrating the holidays with my family. I can’t get over how amazing the weather is here. Partially I am excited just to get my winter wardrobe out. I find my air ticket worth the money only if my take offs & landings give me some serious butterflies in my tummy. Hands down that’s the best  part of my travel. But there are a couple more of my experiences which I am going to share in this post . 

Let’s start with the part I dislike the most, it is definitely the- wait. With all the excitement that I go through in the flight, Its the long painful wait in the car & at the airport that makes me feel annoyed. I have been listening to audio books lately to pass the time. I am definitely not that person who reads books. But thanks to audio books life is easier  I was listening to ‘Gone Girl’, a complete thriller fiction, that gave me goosebumps & kept me awake the entire time.

Travel Wardrobe: Yes I have heard it before & I say the same now – You gotta travel comfy. I chose to wear all black with my maroon neck wrap, white sneakers & a big black bag. 

Skin care: I am not going to lie – once upon a time I was a complete skincare junkie. The only routine I could ever keep up was ‘skincare’ but recently I have been pretty laid-back (which is not good) but when it comes to long flights I cannot emphasize how important it is to keep your skin hydrated & relaxed. The air in the flight is constantly recycled which leaves your skin looking dead at the end. I even try to put on a good face mask & watch some movies. I was lucky enough to have a night flight with fewer people judging me with my scary mask on. Beauty samples are definitely worth keeping for travels as they come so handy. 

Makeup: During travels makeup is the last thing that I am worried about. But just to keep up with my fabulous self (lol) I do put on some. A light CC cream, blush & a bright pink lip can instantly make you look glowy & awake. 

It’s been two days here & I am having such a great time! Stay Tuned for more exciting posts. 

The adventure awaits! Put down the map & get wonderfully lost! 
Aashna Bhagwani