I am not sure if you have realised it yet – I am a happy winter baby. People usually like to sleep-in during Winters but I am completely opposite during this season. I wake up as early as I can. There is something about winter mornings, It’s really cold, but the sun shining through gives the right amount of heat. Second opposite change during winter is my breakfast. I am not a breakfast person, but how can you say no to hot black tea & cinnamon rolls. (There is a really cute bakery under my home my mom always picks up cute buns & rolls on her way home) They surely do make my day. 

Skin care:  As the months get cooler, my skin needs to adjust with the weather. These are some products that help my skin. 
It’s a must for me to switch from day creams to oils & creamy moisturizers.  The Body Shop’s skincare is worth raving about. They have so many varieties which are meant for different skin types. My favourite is the Vitamin E skincare collection. I have a moisturizer which I use during the day & an overnight Vitamin E oil which comes in a dropper that prevents it from getting all messy. I apply this oil before I sleep and my skin just feels the best next morning. The oil is non-greasy which is really weird to say about an oil based product but it does absorb really fast like your skin just drank it all off.  Another skincare must is my Elizabeth Arden serum. I apply this right before i use the moisturizer. This serum is from the Intervene Collection. It’s very lightweight & leaves the skin soft for hours. 
I do give a little love to my body as well. After a hot bath I immediately run to my favourite cocoa butter body moisturiser. Hands down this is the best I have come across. I have tried several body butters but I always come back to this one & the cherry on top is that you always smell like chocolate. For those dry lips I run to my fancy EOS lip balm. Trust me the hype about this is real.

Makeup : This Autumn I did try a bolder look when it came to makeup, so I decided to keep it natural  with windblown cheeks, a cat eye and a nude lip. 

May this year be filled with love, laughter, peace 
and always remember to love what you see in the mirror.
Happy 2015!

Aashna Bhagwani