A Day At The Seven Seas Spa Pune

How can I miss capturing my first time ever at a Spa.
Spa itself is a term that sounds so luxurious and relax-full at the same time. When I heard about Seven Seas Spa and was called to come down and check it out, my instant thought was Why? Who has the time and patience to spend hours at a spa? And what stress am I under that I deserve this fancy pamper session? Too many questions all at once occurred. And the only way to find out was to head there myself and see what the hype is about. Lets hear all about my exciting Spa Story-

First – what should I wear to a spa? Can’t I go in my PJ’s itself. Then the fancy blogger in me said – But you have to take pictures! So I put on my fancy blue dress and white kimono. To my brain that was a perfect colour scheme to wear to a spa. (But of course you could still go in ordinary clothes if you don’t have to pose #BloggersBeLike)  

As I parked my car outside. I enter the ‘oh so fancy Spa’. It did look fancy on the outside But as soon as I stepped in, a sweet lady greeted me with the warmest smile and I said to myself ‘Looks like I am going to have a great day here’ She introduced herself as ‘Prise’. The interiors of the spa were extremely beautiful. The first thing which caught my eye was a wall painting of Gautama Buddha. The Spa was covered in White brick walls and wood interiors. The vibe and the mood of the spa was set my by the calming aromatic candles around. 

After chatting up for a couple of minutes, I was taken on a mini spa tour. As posh as that sounds it was quite knowledgeable. There were various rooms and each for a different purpose. 

I was then handed a spa menu! Bath?Steam?Facial?Body treatment?Massage? How does one know what treatment they are suppose to get? I am really good at taking care of the skin on my face but when it comes to my body, I tend to forget moisturising or exfoliating. As I mentioned this to to Prise, she recommended the Blueberry cheesecake body treatment. It was a Three course meal! And this kinda cheesecake benefits the body. (Hope you got that joke?) 

Walking into my directed room. I was told to get into the steam first. Silly Incident took place there- I entered the steam room. Of course I couldn’t see anything because of the steam. I was told to stay in there for 10 minutes. I stood there thinking, if I could get my phone in I would probably be on Instagram and now I am here alone with my thoughts. (Never knew a spa would be helpful for a social media detox as well) Also how would I know when 10 minutes are over? there was no clock in there? Probably Shelly would just come in and say ‘times up’. Shelly was the one in charge of my body treatment. Standing there I got tired so I wandered around little more and sat on the cold floor. And when time was up and steam was gone, there was a black chair right next to me which I couldn’t see. 

After sharing this silly moment with Shelly we laughed together. And then it was time to get slathered with some cheesecake. Dim aromatic candles lit up the room and I was ready to explore ‘The actual Spa’ I was massaged with a softening nut cream with vanilla extracts, I could feel tension releasing out of my body, My muscles cracking and I could hear them loud and clear. My skin was then gently exfoliated and lastly a blueberry gel with olive oil extracts was applied for instant radiance. The entire session of massage, moisturising and exfoliating lasted about 75 to 80 mins. And no, I did not fall asleep in the session at all. I was wide awake. But I was away, away from my house, my phone, my world. I was in an environment where I was just suppose to let go and relax. If this was what ‘Relaxation’ felt like then I would highly suggest you to get pampered yourself. 

After being in my zone for over an hour a funny bell rang next to my ears to tell me my session was complete. I was offered a hot cup of tea, I sat there in my robe with the tea in my hand thinking to my self ‘I should do this more often.’ 

I said my ‘goodbyes and come agains’ to Prise and Shelly. The entire car ride home I did not check my phone or turn on the music. I just drove in silence and peace and also I couldn’t stop touching my own skin, Its the smoother its ever been, I felt and smelled like freshly baked cake. 

If you have enjoyed my little story here, I would recommended you to create your own at the new and peaceful Seven Seas Spa Pune 

Aashna Bhagwani