Rustic, Bold, Strong & Feminine are the words I would describe my latest post. Jewellery & Accessories are the one thing that were part of the human culture, even before clothes.
When it comes to to making a statement with your accessories, Its all about being innovative with designs. My family and I being in the jewellery business, I used to be a big accessories hoarder, I bought the high-end ones and the Colaba market ones, I had every piece of jewellery and accessory. When the time came to dress up and head out, I always left the house without accessories. Being in the Fashion/Blogging world. I came across brands and start-ups with unique designs and tasteful colours, One such brand I would love to introduce is Access-O-Risingg, From stylish, bold accessories to the simplicity and chic looking pieces they have it all, In this post I am wearing their gorgeous statement necklace, Heart statement bracelet (10k gold plated) and Gothic triangle earrings (10k gold plated)

You can shop from Access-O-Risingg online, They are an online stat-up selling exclusive fashion jewellery 
Check out their website – The variety is endless.