I have been shopping & looking at trends in the stores here in HongKong and the colour that stands out the most is -Mustard Yellow. I decided to get my hands on this dress from Zara. I wasn’t quite sure how it would look until I tried in on , but I am so glad I did. The length, material and style of the dress fits perfect! The colour is especially my favourite its earthy & perfect for a summer day!

I love the fact that mustard yellow is not as bright as a plain yellow dress, The dress is casual and the material is the same off a tee, but the cut out sleeves add so much edge and can be worn for many occasions, I paired this dress with my black H&M heels and my Michael Kors bag. I added black accessories to pair up with this dress reminding me off a NY cab.

Purchase your first mustard yellow piece and try incorporating it in your wardrobe,