Its been a crazy beginning to 2017. I have been ecstatic and overwhelmed at the same time with the amount of love I have received. I have been wanting to dedicate a post to my journey as a ‘plus size fashion’ blogger and certain goals I have created along the way.

I get asked so many questions on daily basis , where girls dm’ me asking – How did I start? How did I become a plus size fashion blogger? How can they be one as well? I have no one answer to these questions but I do have something to share.

– Growing up, I always had an eye for fashion. I was very influenced by my grandmother who at the time had a fashion boutique. Growing up in that environment I developed certain qualities and always experimented with fashion, which also lead to doing a fashion designing course.
One of my favourite or only hobby in my teen years – was wearing my favourite outfit and posing in front of the camera. Now when I look back it’s what I have been doing ever since. When you combine fashion and photography and effortless fashion blogger is born. I have never hesitated to pose and flaunt-  that gave me the confidence to be who I am.

I create something in my head, a style and how its suppose to look and I thrive to make it come alive in photos.
I started my blog in 2014
You can check out my first post here & here I had a phone, I went to a decent location , I created a blog on blogger – I wrote a little and that’s how the journey began. Its no rocket science. But more than this, there was a desire to show  ‘what she can wear’ – I can wear it too. It all about getting out of your comfort zone and finding what suits you the best. This blog that I started as a hobby as now become my full-time job. I partner with brands and do various collaborations but in this process the key is to always stay true to myself and my audience.

I never understood the concept of ‘plus size fashion’ I just happen to be plus size and I just happen to love fashion. Everyone has struggles, even I did. But my love for fashion and the desire to do something in this field gave me a confident voice. The society portrays fashion in a very different way & social media also creates an impact.  But I am here using social media to change the game in a small way. I am using the resources available to me to create a positive impact. ‘Body confidence’ is not just a big word that looks good, The struggle is real but its not impossible.

‘You shouldn’t wear that, you will look fat in it’ ‘   ‘That short dress won’t suit you, your legs will look fat’   ‘ That dress is too tight,  look at your belly showing’   ‘ Crop tops for you? Seriously!!

Either you submit to this criticism or your get on with being your own amazing self that you are. Its your body and you get to make the rules. 

-Aashna Bhagwani 

Outfit Details 
Jumpsuit –
Lipstick – RubyWoo- Mac