So excited to bring you guys an international collaboration with CurvySense. I am always on the hunt to find the most flaunting and complementing clothes for my figure. I came across curvy sense on Instagram and I just had to collaborate with them. I was so happy to know they have international shipping available. ‘Just my Luck’  In this post I am flaunting two outfits, – A day look & a night look

I remember growing up I loved stalking celebrity photos and airport looks. the one thing I always had my eyes on were ripped jeans I was so fascinated at how appealing and chic they looked on every women I saw. But I could never find the right one, I was always to big for the ones you would get in the stores. Curvy sense has such a  big variety of ripped denims, I knew I had to pick one. These ripped jeans hug my curves beautifully and this one is definitely my Holy Grail. I paired these denims with a lace blouse to complete my look. Its sheer with a beautiful crochet floral detailing.

For my second outfit, I picked a ruffle bottom flower print black dress. I wore this outfit for my anniversary with my boyfriend and I received so many compliments on it, I was definitely smiling a lot more. I cannot emphasize on how great it looks, It gives me that perfect hourglass shape I love to show off my curves with the perfect outfits which help me do that.

I am here to bring you guys the best, to remove all your dilemmas when it comes to plus size clothing. Head over to to shop, international shipping available. 
Being confident and owning your body is sexy 😉

Aashna Bhagwani