Working with warm colours can be challenging for some. But in reality its not that tough. I see so many women refraining themselves from wearing more bright and bold colours. So its my job to completley demolish this idea. In this post I am flaunting a bright warm mustard yellow cold shoulder dress from Afamado. As you can see in the pictures above this dress looks absolutley gorgeous. Before the shoot I was kinda nervous about how the dress would look on camera but after seeing the results I was completely surprised at how amazing this tone looks on me. We all know yellow is the colour of this season. The cold shoulder and the colour of this outfits gives out a flirty and confident vibe.

I got this pleasant A-Line cold shoulder dress from Afamado. The finish of the dress is ideal for us curvy women. Afamado brings great style to the plus size fashion industry since every outfits is ‘Made to Measure’ and has the perfect fit. Be it the length, the size or the fit. Afamado makes sure your dress is worthy and comfortable.

This trick colour can be fun, It makes such a stunning statement, Get out there an explore this happy colour. 
Aashna Bhagwani
Outfit Details
Dress – Afamado 
Bag – Calvin Klein
Shoes/Sunglasses – Forever 21
Necklace – Tipsyfly