Writing this post from my bed on a Sunday morning, One of the major perks of being  your own boss. Being a full-time fashion blogger has its own ups and downs. Some days are filled with procrastination and some days its all about creative brainstorm sessions. But the part I enjoy the most is introducing new plus size fashion brands to my audience and followers. One such brand is XXLLENT that I am collaborating with in this post. Xxllent is an online website dedicated to plus size clothing for men and women. Their aim is revolutionize the plus size clothing industry in india by providing customers with products which makes them feel happy and themselves. In this post, I am flaunting their Torn Jeans. Knee slit jeans are definitely a long lasting denim trend. Who doesn’t love cold knees which makes your outfit super edgey and stylish. Denims that are comfortable are such a blessing for us plus size women. Personally I am afraid of shorts. I know for a fact one day I am going to let go of that fear and insecurity. But till that time I am going to try all there new unique denims out there.

To all my plus size ladies, we now live in a world where we have choices to be a more stylish and fashionable version of ourselves. I would suggest you all to take adanvatage of it and head over to www.XXLLENT.com  to shop this super fun look 
Aashna Bhagwani