I remember in school I was a part of the home science group study and we all students were a given a big project of ‘Tie & Dye’ where we all gathered and learnt the art of how this fun print was made. This outfit defiantly bought back some school memories. Tie and dye prints are usually vibrant and colourful, it can be quite intimidating since not a lot of people can be open to pull of too much colour To make things simpler & stylish Afamado has created a beautiful summery Tie and Dye Drawstring dress which is super easy to pull of. It looks stunning! Its loose and super comfortable yet giving a very dressy vibe. I am obsessed with just throwing this on and heading out when I go for my swim.

Own your style in this flirty, fun filled dress. Its a perfect cover up for a beach or pool day! 
Head over to www.afamado.net 
Aashna Bhagwani