I have been known for breaking rules, Anyone who tells me I can’t I make sure to prove them wrong.  I have lived with obeying fashion rules all my life. But now its time to break them in the most stylish way possible. In this post, I am flaunting this beautiful ‘Chelsea Layered Blouse‘ from Nubella. As you can see in the pictures above I sure look joyful and peppy thanks to the vibrant orange colour. I firmly believe bright colours can create a big impact on your mood. Coming back to breaking rules, People believe ‘Plus size girls’ can’t layer? Why cause they already have enough of it on their bodies. Well, I am here to say different. There is a technique to layer clothes for your body type without look sloppy.
The first and most important rule is to Create A Silhouette, If you are wearing layers on the top like I am make sure to pair it up with something body fitting e.g, skinny jeans (Yes, plus size girls can also wear skinny jeans) Its all about balance. Wear simple accessories.  As we know, the focus has to be on the ruffles and layers since we are taking advantage of this style. Make sure your accessories have the least attention. This elegant top from Nubella showcases the layer trend beautifully. The ruffles make the look fun and flirty, while the one shoulder makes the look style forward and sexy.

Accentuate those beautiful curves, while still having fun with style. 
Head over to www.nubella.co.in