I have a phase in my beauty routine where I just obsess over skincare products. I buy expensive stuff and apply them constantly on my face, morning & night. But after a few days I get lazy and never look at those products again. A waste of my money, time & effort also my poor skin goes through different chemicals and often feels confused. In this post, I am going back to basics with Safi. I remember growing up as a teenager my mom & me would often argue about one thing and that is – Safi. Every night before sleeping at 10pm sharp she would call me in the kitchen, tell me to shut my eyes and open my mouth and make me drink Safi. I have had a love – hate relationship with it. It was bitter in taste but worked wonders. I drank this every day from the age 13-16. And hands down it is safe to say I never got teenage acne. Now as an adult I have incorporated Safi back in my skincare routine. With the constant weather change and oily skin, I have been getting small zits on my cheeks which irritate me and are sometimes painful. My skin is super sensitive so I have to be careful at all times. Especially when I eat junk food my skin instantly reacts and does not like it. 
I have realized skincare comes from within. How you look from the outside has a lot to do with what goes inside you. I tried Safi’s 3 weeks regime; I drank it every day for around 20-25 days and saw the difference it made to my skin. Of course the zits were gone in the first 3 days but moreover, my skin feels so soft and is glowing endlessly. Even though it has been more than 3 weeks, I am still sticking to the miracle worker.
Safi is made up 28 essential herbs which not only helps your skin feel good but also in general is very good for overall health. We remember Safi by the trusted company of Hamdard from the good old teenage days. Their packaging now is completely revamped and the exact herbs are mentioned with the benefits. Priced at only INR 95/- Safi is any day better than the expensive skincare products I have bought in the past.
If you are anything like me who has tried and tested different methods of achieving your dream skin but have failed, I personally encourage you to try out Hamdarad Safi and see the difference yourself! 
Thank me later
Ragon Mein Khoobsurati with Safi