When it comes to plus size fashion, everyone assumes that there are more disadvantages than advantages. But I say different, I have been a plus size girl all my life & I have been a plus size fashion blogger. And I can proudly say that this industry is growing rapidly. In this post, I am introducing an iconic European plus size fashion brand JUNAROSE, which recently stepped their way into the Indian market with a bang. Classy, sophisticated and elegant are the words that define their collection.

I am all about breaking plus size fashion myths’ 
‘Don’t wear horizontal stripes, they make you look larger’ – If worn the right way stripes can make you look super trendy and cute! I am not the one to follow fashion rules. It’s all about experimenting and finding your personal style. I need the liberty to play with styles and a brand like JUNAROSE gives me complete freedom. This multicolor horizontal stripe dress is an absolute must-have. The fabric quality and the impeccable fit will make you feel like the outfit is made to measure & meant for you. 

JUNAROSE is a fresh take on the Indian plus size fashion industry offering a wide collection of sizes, premium fabrics and tailor made fits, embracing your unique body which is worthy of respect, self- love and amazing style.